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Company Profile

Formed in 1985, October Hill Software set out to develop a fully integrated, truly high reliability, multi-user/multi-tasking computer system with features and functionality specific to the high priority, expedited trucking industry.

Key to our concept was the ability to provide systems that never compromise quality, expandability and functionality while maintaining a price that's affordable by even the smallest carriers. In addition to requiring simultaneous system access by many people at any given time, fast data retrieval for vast periods of time was essential. Staff from Dispatch, Customer Service, Operations, Sales, Accounting, and, even Management personnel would depend upon the systems for multitudes of reasons and functions. Order entry functions would be handled by numerous staff members and would be constant and voluminous...Billing and Accounting staff would be depending upon the systems for timely and accurate billing as well as collections activity...Dispatch staff will need manifests, delivery receipts, driver status reports and many other on-going operations updates...Customer Service staff will rely upon the systems for immediate and accurate customer inquiries, P.O.D.'s, etc....and, Management staff will expect instantaneous response to revenue inquiries, driver productivity, service request status, and many other day to day management reports. Once all of this functionality is made available the systems must be, primarily, self-sustaining, with no requirement for a dedicated IT department or staff. And, finally, did we mention, the systems must be affordable!

With over 25+ years of ongoing development we are proud to report our Athena Expedited Trucking systems have met and exceeded all of the goals and objectives sought from the beginning. Rock-solid, state-of-the-art systems designed and capable to support just a few, or hundreds of users simultaneously with no requirement for an in-house IT department nor dedicated staff to support the systems. And ... we have never lost sight of our goal of true affordability! Too good to be true? Read on........

The O.H.S. leading edge 'Linux' based systems offer high speed instant access for limitless users to vital, on-line data at their fingertips. With absolutely no additional data input nor interaction from staff members, the O.H.S. systems will post P.O.D. and billing information to your web site for access by customers you approve, world-wide, and even send critical, live shipment updates directly to your customers with virtually no intervention nor input required on the part of your staff. Tie in any and all of your remote sites to your systems via internet access with no long-distance phone bills. Check our Internet Services page for the details!

Installation and training for O.H.S. systems is provided exclusively by highly qualified, systems level and industry knowledgeable, O.H.S. staff.

We're working hard to provide the best trucking systems and software available anywhere. Let us know how we can better serve you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site...and come back often!
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